Welcome to the village of Niinimäki!

Niinimäki is a cosy rural village where you live close to nature, and still have all the services and facilities nearby. When living in the lush countryside, the wild berries and mushrooms are at your reach as well as the clean waters, thanks to the Finnish law called public right of access (jokamiehenoikeudet, literally “every man’s rights”). It basically means that anyone can enjoy the nature regardless of ownership. After an elementary course and with a membership of a local hunting club, you can also take part in game (for example elk and deer) hunting.

The livelihood of the village comes from its many farms, local enterprises, and family businesses. Many people also commute for work to nearby towns, and some all the way to Helsinki, which you can reach in 1.5 hours by train. The heart of the village is an outdoor recreation area where a nature trail is running in beautiful mixed and coniferous forest. Herethe residents run in the summer and ski in the winter. Also a playground for children and a hunting cabin are available for the villagers and others to rent for e.g. family parties and general meetings. There is a beautiful small lake called Järvenmäenlampi about 3 km walk up the hills from the recreation area.

Like anywhere in Finland, many (non-profit) associations are operating in the village: a hunting club, sport clubs, the Martha organization (women’s organization that focuses on home economics) and, of course, Niinimäki association (Niinimäen kyläyhdistys), the villagers’ own organization. Niinimäki association aims to further the well-being of the local residents, and has built, for example, the playground for children and a walkway. The association organizes many kinds of get-togethers, and basically does whatever the members wish to do to make Niinimäki a nice place to live in.

Where can you find this kind of paradise? Niinimäki is located approximately 12 km from the city of Kouvola towards Helsinki. It consists of the smaller villages of Hevossuo, Kukonoja, Oivonoja and Palokorpi. Highway 6 runs through the village, so it has excellent connections. The distances to Koria and Elimäki, nearby population centers, are 6 km and 14 km, respectively. From 2009, Niinimäki has belonged to the city of Kouvola. Please see the gallery below for photos and a map. For more information on the village, and for instance available plots and houses, contact niinimaenkyla(at)

Välkommen till Niinimäki by!

Niinimäki 마을에 오신 것을 환영합니다

Niinimäki je dedinka obkolesená prírodou

Velkommen til Niinimäki

¡Bienvenido al pueblo de Niinimäki!

Willkommen im Dorf Niinimäki

Teretulemast Niinimäe külla!

Bienvenue au village de Niinimäki!


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